Written by: Alexa Hasman

Katie Newcomb is the kind of woman that every person should meet. When I first met her she was newly postpartum with twin boys and had a toddler girl. She came bounding into boot camp class with a huge smile and all the positive energy in the world. What has always blown me away about Katie is that she literally does not stop smiling. We will be doing mile time trials and she will cross that finish line with a HUGE grin. Mile time trials are not fun and not something I can say I ever smile through, but Katie is able to find the joy in pushing herself to the point of exhaustion. Her positive energy is contagious and she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.

In terms of her running, Katie gets after it!  Nothing will stop her and she will lay it all out there on the track or road. Her goals are big and glorious and she always conquers them. I never worry about Katie’s ambitions because as crazy as they may seem, I always know she will not only achieve them, but she will blow them out of the water.

Katie is the perfect person for our RUN LIFE Runner Spotlight because she embodies the Run Life spirit and energy. So, I asked Katie to answer a few questions about herself and her running. Get to know Katie more and read what she had to say!


A: What do you love about running?
K: So many things! It makes my body feel strong and my mind feel clear. I love uninterrupted conversation with running buddies. And the challenge, there is always room for improvement, I love pushing hard to try to reach the next goal. And it really helps with better sleep.
A: What inspires you to run?
K: I think the question is WHO inspires me to run! I am lucky to be part of the amazing Run Life community and all the runners inspire me – everyone works so hard to get better. I find it especially amazing to watch women find their physical strength again after having kids. Also my daughter, I am trying to show her women are strong and athletic. (Unfortunately for both of us we have a strong clumsy gene so we’ll have to stick to running!)
A: What is one thing you can’t live without on a long run?
K: Body glide 😉 Seriously though, it’s running buddies.
A: What got you into running?
K: I tried to run a 5k when I was 22 and I couldn’t. Talk about a wake up call!


A: What was your favorite race?
K: Shamrock Run is my favorite tradition. Fueled by Fine Wine is my fave after party!
A:Why do you do the Run Life Run Training program?
K: It really pushes me harder than I’d ever push myself. It’s the perfect balance of a kick in the pants and unconditional support (Thank you Alexa! 💜). I learn a lot and it holds me accountable to stick with my training plan. I also love the social aspect, everyone is so much fun!
A: What are your running goals for the next year?
K: This year I want to run more than 625 miles, beat my average Hood to Coast pace from last year, and finally break 7 minutes in the mile time trial!
We love you, Katie!  We can’t wait to watch you destroy all your goals!