As runners or anyone that is active, you are bound to have an injury or a nagging ache or pain eventually. If you don’t, you are superhuman and this blog does not apply to you. But if you are a normal human like the rest of us, there will come that day where your legs are cramped up from pounding the pavement or you roll an ankle while traversing Forest Park trails. And even if it isn’t an injury or anything major, general body maintenance is important to stay running and working out efficiently and remaining injury free.

A few years ago I had a nagging foot injury. Pain would radiate from my big toe down to my arch, making it highly uncomfortable and not enjoyable to run. I saw several podiatrists in an attempt to figure out what was going on. Every single one said they couldn’t quite figure out what was going on, but they suggested surgery to remove my sesamoid bone. I am not one that jumps to have surgery, especially for something they weren’t quite sure would even help, so I politely said no and went on my way. Then I remembered an amazing Sports Medicine doctor that I knew from our days of working at Roadrunner Sports together. I wasn’t quite sure he could help but I figured it was worth the try. Within 15 minutes of maneuvering the tendons and ligaments in my foot, I was pain free and back to being able to run.

mohrDr. Mohr from Acceleration Sports Medicine is a magician. I am not sure how he has the ability to figure out exactly what is wrong so quickly and effectively but I am glad he does. For the past 10 years I have seen him for basically everything under the sun from pregnancy hip pain, to concussions, and so so so much more. I have sent millions of people his way and each have come back healed and raving about their office and service.

Dr. Mohr is fantastic and I could rave about his amazing abilities forever but the entire team at Acceleration Sports Medicine is acceleration martindaleworth noting. The other doctor on staff, Dr. Martindale, is equally as talented and incredible. Many of my clients see him and love his easy-going personality and how thorough he is. He takes the time to hear your problem areas and explains in detail exactly what is going on.

They have two of the best massage therapists I have ever had, Angela and Erich. These two are able to work the body to relieve stress and muscle tightness so effectively. I have spent more time with Angela, so I can speak to her ability to make you feel comfortable and relaxed while working on aching areas.

acceleration6Although I have never done acupuncture, I have several clients that go to Acceleration for it. Shelley, the acupuncturist, is described as intelligent and informative. She is skilled, experienced and professional.

I have a hard time finding medical professionals that I like and trust, but with Acceleration Sports Medicine I know I am in good hands every single time. I know they will take care of me and my clients and make sure we are out doing the sports and activities we love. Fit Life loves Acceleration Sports Medicine and we know you will too!