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  1. Most positive and motivating instructors I’ve had.

    “Nikki is one of the most positive and motivating instructors I’ve had. While she is gentle and encouraging by nature, her workouts are rigorous and challenging. Nikki has high-expectations for herself and those she instructs and her vast knowledge and personal experience guide her instruction.”

    Evan Posen
  2. Alexa is amazing!

    “Alexa is amazing! I had run for years before her run training with only minimal improvement in my speed and endurance. In the one year I’ve participated in her training, my speed has improved dramatically (shaved 2 minutes off my mile time and PR’d in a half), my endurance has increased, and my recovery time is the best its ever been.”

    Katie Newcomb
  3. Her passion for health clearly shines.

    “There are few people that can motivate you to do and be better like Nikki. Her calm demeanor has the ability to subtly nudge you to be your best self. I have had the pleasure to take bootcamp classes, track workouts, and nutrition courses led by Nikki. In all of these settings, her passions for all things health clearly shines through and is truly contagious. She effortlessly brings her own past and experiences to all classes she teaches, making her a partner in your journey. She is such a special woman and her inherent kindness, passion, and strong sense of self makes it easy to follow her willingly into your goals and optimum health!”

  4. Trust me, you’ll love it!

    “Alexa is beyond amazing at everything she does. It’s clear that she loves her job and has a gift to motivate and encourage others to work out, be healthier and happier. While I have tried a few different things to work out in the past, it’s never been part of my lifestyle and I’ve never stuck with it for more than a few weeks. It’s different with Alexa’s run training. I’m excited before, love it during and feel happy afterwards.

    I joined Alexa’s run training when she the first offered it a few years ago and have been signing up ever since. I’ve also been excited to follow her training plans outside of the training sessions and join her and others from the group for races including three half marathons, Hood to Coast and several smaller races and relays. I signed up for my first marathon in April and I am super excited to be joining Alexa’s run training for this. My pace has improved since I’ve been training with Alexa and I even won or placed in a couple of smaller races. Besides the training, I made several friends that I would not want to miss. I am so thankful for Alexa, the community she has created and the workout she offers! I encourage everyone to at least try her training. Trust me, you’ll love it! ”

    Steffi Kautz
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